PGM Steps up to the Mark!

This evening our PGM RWBro John Gillo stepped up to the Mark.   At very short notice he accepted the gavel,  and took take the chair for an absent master.  Sadly,  illness had prevented the WM of Stroud Mark 1039,  WBro L 'Mitch' Mitchell,  from attending his lodge.   So the PGM took to the chair of a regular Mark lodge for the first time in (he admitted) very many years.   Not only that,  but he did a pretty decent job of it too  -  and not a ritual book in sight! (click button to read more)

Afterwards at the festive board he reminded us that this is the very thing the soon-to-be-consecrated Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge is expected to help with.   The plan is that members of the Province's latest lodge may be 'booked' to fill vacant slots at short notice to help out lodges around the province.   They will need to stay sharp in their ritual so they can provide expert help where it is needed.  This is all in the spirit of stewardship,  and will create a very favourable impression of the new lodge,  which will certainly not be somewhere to just get together and dine a couple of times a year!