Grand Rank Honours - A Record?

The PGM is delighted to announce this year's grand rank first appointments and promotions for our Province.  Many congratulations are due to all these worthy brethren.  However,  this year we are especially proud to report three active rank first appointments,  which we believe to be a new record and a great honour for the province too.   (Click button to see more and download details)

Simple Steps to Making a Donation to the MBF


Some brethren have had difficulty in accessing the 'donation'  facility on the MBF Walk in the Park web page.  Whilst it is possible to get your donation through to any member of the walking team,  it is far quicker and offers more options to do it online. 

The process is secure, and ensures your donations (anonymous or named, by lodge or individual) will count towards the honours system for you or your lodge.  Just click the 'Read More' button below for step by step help.


£3,023,700 pledged to St John Ambulance by the MBF


Please click on the 'read more' link below for details of this marvellous new initiative between the Mark Benevolent Fund and St John Ambulance.  This donation will fund around 52 vehicles over the next two years at a cost of over £3m.  This is charitable support of the first order, and work we can be truly proud of.

Please also take this opportunity to review the 'Simple Steps' article to help you make valuable additional contributions to the fund,   whose results you can see being so well applied.


The New G&H RAM Banner

2nd March 2017


The Province now has a RAM banner for use in its official business.  The banner (shown in this picture) was dedicated in a special ceremony at Tewkesbury Abbey RAM No 1238 by our PGM RWBro John Gillo.  He was assisted by a large number of the Provincial Team.  Among others present were three of our Past PGMs,  two visiting PGMs and The Past Deputy Grand Master (Keith Emmerson).

400 Club Pays Out Again!

The PGM found himself presenting two cheques from the latest 400 Club Draw this week,  in which there were eight winners from around the Province.  The two lucky winners pictured here are both members of Silurian Lodge 1677.  The delighted recipients were WBro Michael Littlefield (left) and Bro Jeremy George (right).  

No 10 Mark's Newest Brother

4th January 2017


Cheltenham and Keystone No 10 advanced its latest candidate today in the presence of the Deputy PGM. 

Bro Dean Fletcher is here pictured after the ceremony at Cheltenham Masonic Hall,  Portland Street.  They are (left to right) WBro Justin Hawkins (W Master); Bro Dean Fletcher;  WBro Graham Smith (DepPGM). 

We all wish Bro Dean an enjoyable time ahead with No 10.